Adcole Maryland Aerospace's MAGICBus is a low-cost, high-performance, electro-optical Imaging microsatellite designed around a highly configurable smallsat platform to meet a broad range of commercial, military, and research space misisons.  


The flexibility of the MAGICBus design allows clients to

customize nearly every aspect of the smallsat to meet their specific mission and budget requirements. And yet, while customers can specify everything from size, weight, payload capacity, radiation rating of the internal components, satellite life, on-board instrumentation and more, the MAGICBus is built around our proven smallsat architecture which is easily manufacturable and capable of meeting short production cycles and delivery dates. 

Technical Questions:

Adcole Maryland Aerospace
specializes in end-to-end small satellites and CubeSats that combine the flight heritage of our high reliability, radiation hardened space systems with New Space innovations. The result is more affordable, risk minimized spacecraft.
CubeSats and Small Satellites customized to mission requirements.

Express Class Satellite  -  Low Mission Cost, Accelerated Production Cycle


  • Electro-Optical Imaging - near real-time

  • 25.4 to 40.64 cm Aperture

  • Cold Gas Propulsion System

  • Space Vehicle Volume 38.1 x 38.1 x 96.5 cm

  • Short Task-to-Product Cycle  

  • Reliable, Proven Sat Technology

Recent Application:  Adcole Maryland Aerospace’s 50 kg, low cost, electro-optical imaging microsatellite provides imagery in near-real time.

This satellite features a 25.4 cm aperture, and can capture an image of a designated ground object and relay that image to a mobile ground station. It can complete the task in a single pass or within a 10-minute tasking-to-product cycle.

The micro-satellite provides communications encryption, propulsive station-keeping capability, accurate
attitude control, and pointing accuracy, all in a small, cost effective package. It is designed to eventually be part of a smallsat constellation that can provide global coverage at a fraction of the cost of a typical multi-satellite network. 

Satellite Bus Specifications

  • Dimensions:         38.1 x 96.5 cm to                                                                     45.7 x 45.7 x 106.7 cm

  • System Mass:            50 kg to 102 kg

  • Pointing Control:        ±0.15° 3σ

  • Pointing Knowledge:   0.01° 3σ

  • Slew Rate:                   3°/sec

  • Transmitter:           >10 W, S-Band

  • Downlink:                >1.0 Mbps Encryption Software

  • Delta-V                      650 m/s (N2H4) to 16 m/s

                                         (Nitrogen cold gas)

   Baseline Payload (for 50 kg configuration)

  • Telescope:                        25.4 cm aperture

  • GSD at 500 km:              1.5 m

  • Field of Regard:                ±30° roll from nadir

  • Image Size at 500 km:    ~4 x 6 km

  • Imaging Capability:           600 images on-board storage


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MAGICBus 50 kg - 180 kg Satellite Platform

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Adcole - Established 1957: From the dawn of the space age to the forefront of the New Space Revolution. 

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