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IR Earth Horizon Sensor for ADACS
MAI-SES Static Earth Sensor

The MAI-SES is a miniature Static Earth Sensor suitable for CubeSats, NanoSats, and larger spacecraft in Low Earth Orbit. The MAI-SES without a full enclosure is approximately 4.33 x 3.18 x 2.07 cm in volume. It is designed to be mounted inside our MAI-400 ADACS unit but can be independent of the MAI-400. The sensor has four thermopile detectors, which view the Earth, Space, and Earth limb and measure the dip angle with respect to the horizon. Two sensor heads mounted orthogonally are required to yield the nadir vector in the body frame. The MAI-SES is a companion product to the MAI-400, which provides full orbit attitude knowledge in both Sunlight and Umbra.

IR Earth Horizon Sensor Specifications

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Adcole Maryland Aerospace's compact guidance and attitude control systems are designed to accommodate a variety of sensor options and combinations. ADACS sensor configuration examples:
  • 2 Star Trackers
  • 1 Star Tracker - 1 Sun Sensor
  • 2 Earth Horizon Sensors

Technical Questions:

  • Length: 43.26 mm

  • Width: 31.75 mm

  • Height: 31.75 mm

  • Mass: 33 g

  • Operating Voltage: 3.3 V

  • Operating Current (per Sensor): 40 mA

  • Coarse Field of View: 60 degrees

  • Resolution (Coarse Field of View): >1 degree 

  • Fine Field of View: >7 degrees

  • Resolution (Fine Field of View): >0.25 degrees

  • Command and Telemetry: 12C or SCI (3.3 V)

  • Launch Environment : >12 G rms


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