Adcole Maryland Aerospace provides small, lightweight, reliable CubeSats that are easily configurable to meet the unique missions requirements of each user. The flexibility of our CubeSat buses allows for their use in a broad spectrum of research and commercial based enterprises, while the manufacturability of our CubeSats means they can be produced reliably, cost-effectively, and quickly. 

The fact is, there are no second chances in space, not until someone invents the job of Field Service Astronaut, but until then the success or failure of your mission hinges on what happens on the ground. Adcole Maryland Aerospace has the experience, technology, spaceflight heritage and quality management systems in place to ensure your mission has the highest probability of success. 

Satellite Mission Services Include:

Spaceflight Heritage
We Deliver Hi-Rel
Rad-Hard Systems

Flexible, Adaptable Space Buses for Commercial & Research Applications

Small Satellite Systems

Adcole Maryland Aerospace offers high TRL, low-risk spacecraft solutions with our MagicBus, MAI-6000, and MAI-3000 internally developed adaptable buses. We leverage our proven smallsat technology developed Kestrel Eye Block II program, which was qualified for NASA ISS launch and was required us to meeting stringent launch and Safety Review Panel requirements, including the battery and propulsion module. We also leverage our Attitude Determination, and Control Systems (ADACS) years of on-orbit flight heritage. Take a look at our spacecraft that we can deliver to you on a 12 month schedule for operational use, demonstrations, constellations or formation flying.

Small Spacecraft Design for
New Space Needs
3U, 6U, and 12U CubeSats
  •  Design

  •  Manufacture

  •  Integration


  •  Test

  •  Launch Services

  •  Mission Control


CubeSats and MicroSats: 3U, 6U, 12U

Our standard CubeSat platforms are 3U, 6U, and 12U and are delivered as stand alone spacecraft complete with avionics and propulsion and integration of user payload or or as a blank CubeSat bus that can be user configured/integrated. 


AMA CubeSats can operate as stand alone or as part of a multi-satellite swarm / constellation. 

New Space Innovations combined with decades of  LEO, GEO, and interplanetary missions. 

Maryland Location:

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Telephone: (410) 451-2505
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Massachusetts Location:

669 Forest Street
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Telephone: (508) 485-9100
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Start your mission:

Adcole - Established 1957: From the dawn of the space age to the forefront of the New Space Revolution. 

Heritage and mission History 

Reliable, affordable SmallSats, CubeSats , ADACS and New Space components.