We Bring Decades of High Reliability, Rad-Hard Design Expertise to New Space Systems and ADACS.

Quality First: There are no second chances in space. You need a partner with proven track record to give your mission the greatest chance of success.  

Adcole Maryland Aerospace has state of the art manufacturing facilities uniquely equipped to design and manufacture spacecraft and spacecraft components for today’s missions. We have been recognized for our commitment to quality and test, earning Supplier of the Year awards from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi Electric, Northrop Grumman, and many other aerospace industry leaders. 

Our Massachusetts facility is certified to AS9100 Rev C. We are also certified to IPC J-Std-001 for soldering, NASA Standard 8739.1A for Polymeric Applications, and our facility is ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014 compliant.

Small Satellite Solutions


From Idea to Orbit: Adcole Maryland Aerospace

specializes in all phases of small spacecraft systems including the design, manufacture, integration, test, and mission operations.


We combine decades of space engineering expertise with technological innovations to deliver reliable spacecraft  in shorter time frames at a lower cost.  

Space Flight Heritage

Established in 1957: Adcole has been at the forefront of space exploration since the very beginning, providing sun sensors for spacecraft attitude control that have been integral to the mission success of hundreds of LEO, GEO and interplanetary spacecraft.

Learn more about our mission success and upcoming missions here.

Our Reliability
is Universal.
CubeSats and ADACS

Adcole Maryland Aerospace manufacturers cost-effective, versatile, and reliable CubeSats in 3U, 6U, and 12U sizes. As MAI, we produced the first self-contained CubeSat attitude determination and control system in 2009, and have delivered more CubeSat attitude control systems than any other vendor since that time— over 140 and counting!

8.5 Arc Second Accuracy
Star Tracker for MAI-500

Adcole Maryland Aerospace, LLC and Quantum Research International, Inc. announced today that the Kestrel Eye Block II microsatellite is in orbit and functioning well following successful deployment from the International Space Station. 

Kestrel Eye Block II Satellite
Successfully Deployed

New MAI-SS Space Sextant Star Tracker with improved pointing accuracy. 

AMA Small Satellite Launched on SpaceX Reusable Rocket

The Kestrel Eye Block II satellite is now aboard the International Space Station after it was successfully launched from the Kennedy Space Center on a SpaceX Falcon 9.

Proven Quality Management Systems

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Adcole - Established 1957: From the dawn of the space age to the forefront of the New Space Revolution. 

Heritage and mission History 

Reliable, affordable SmallSats, CubeSats , ADACS and New Space components.